Ellen Starr Lyon

commited to creating art while being a full-time working mom

Day two- take a look at my custom header!


What a learning process. I was able to figure out last night how to replace the stock photos that, while beautiful, were not mine. I’ve replaced them with a painting I sold to Indiana University a few years ago. In the beginning I will be posting images of old work. Please return and I promise to start adding recent work. I am working on something now and would love to show the progression but it’s a Christmas gift and I don’t want to ruin the surprise 🙂


Author: Ellen Starr Lyon

I am a Paintings Conservation Technician by day, free-spirit mother-of-two painter by night!

4 thoughts on “Day two- take a look at my custom header!

  1. Great to see a new painting blog Ellen! Thanks for subscribing to mine. Looking forward to seeing your work.
    I know what you mean about posting recent work. I have three christmas paintings I have to wait to post. Cheers, David

    • Hello David,

      Likewise 🙂 I started this blog to get myself to paint more and have some accountability- if only to myself. If others like you are checking in now and again, that will spur me even more! I will definitely be watching other painting blogs for inspiration. Thanks for putting yourself out there. Ellen

  2. love your blog Ellen and your work is amazing!!!

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