Ellen Starr Lyon

commited to creating art while being a full-time working mom

Who is my audience?


The Three Graces

The Three Graces

I have asked myself this question often since starting this artblog. Those I want to reach, I suppose, are those “in the boat” with me. So parents out there whose lives have been taken over for the foreseeable future, tell me how you are handling life. No need to be an artist; how do you keep your essential self? I do not give all of myself into being a mother. I think that is the surest way (for me) to be a terrible parent. I need to retain me in order to be authentic. I think its great for the kids to see me in more than one dimension; just as I was impressed as a child that my mother wrote poetry and my father could put an extra room on the house.

Another answer to that question is, everyone! To create is one thing but to share it is quite another. To make my images public- whether five people or fifty people see them is part of this artist gig. I reach for a higher finish than if they’re just for me. Let me tell you a secret…..if I painted only for myself they would rarely be finished. The last stage of my paintings are for the viewer because when I look at a half finished painting, I already see it. But I want you to be able to see it too.


Author: Ellen Starr Lyon

I am a Paintings Conservation Technician by day, free-spirit mother-of-two painter by night!

6 thoughts on “Who is my audience?

  1. Whoa, Ellen. You are a gifted painter. I love The Three Graces.

    • Thanks! This one is hanging in my dining room. You know, the room where the new kitten continues to poo in?! Gotta love her anyway 🙂 The lamp is very old and used to have a mate that it long ago got separated from by a family member.

  2. Don’t forget us regular schlubs who know jack-squat about art, except that we know it when we see it! Any time we can create beauty in any form (paint, clay, our families, our community), I think we are doing a great thing, and probably God’s hands in the world in some small way. It adds happiness to our lives! And don’t forget: “…happiness isn’t happiness without a violin-playing goat.” (first art-related movie quote that popped in my head – “Notting Hill” regarding the Chagall painting).

  3. You have akways been my favorite artist! You inspire me. My biggest fear is that in your busy, busy life that you would lay down your brush. It is so easy, especially as a mother, to get list caring for others.

  4. I keep a bit of myself by running. Alone. With friends. With the kids in the double jogger. I think it’s healthy for my kids to see their parents being active, and that it’s just a normal part of everyday life. We also go to road races, and they (ages 1 and 3) know how to cheer people on. I love hearing my son yell, “Good job, runner! You can do it, runner!”

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