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By Request!


Blue Gummy On The Beach

Blue Gummy On The Beach

As requested by my followers….well, as requested by 2 of my followers, I’ve posted the portrait of my daughter Odessa. It was peeking out behind me in the photo of my studio. Both were curious to see the full image. Ask and you shall receive! This is painted from a photograph (something I rarely do and if I do , it’s a photograph I’ve taken) of my daughter on the beach in Mexico. Many vendors were coming by to sell us strange and wonderful things. One afternoon, a woman came by with a bright white wheelbarrow filled with candy! I never expected to see such a thing. While I sat in the sun dumbfounded by the sight, Elizabeth (a friend and another mom on the trip) bought each of the kids some candy. I suppose when you’re seven you don’t mind the crunch of sand on your slimy, chewy, sticky, blue gummy worm. This is not my usual palette but standing there she looked like the embodiment of sunlight and shadow.


Author: Ellen Starr Lyon

I am a Paintings Conservation Technician by day, free-spirit mother-of-two painter by night!

5 thoughts on “By Request!

  1. I LOVE the painting of Odessa..brought tears to my eyes. You are so talented, Ellen.

  2. Beautiful. I can’t believe you did that just in the past month. Thanks for posting, Jeanne

  3. Amazing. Totally amazing.

  4. Wow!! Talk about a story within a painting! A treasure for Odessa and a story too! Thanks Ellen, I want to start picking the sand out of my teeth. Paintings are stories., Beautiful!

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