Ellen Starr Lyon

commited to creating art while being a full-time working mom

Installation Day!! Opening Reception on Friday, October 5th from 5-8 pm.


Installation almost complete! My husband and I put the kids on the bus, took the dog for a walk and took my 27 or so pcs. of art to the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center on a beautiful Fall day. I will be showing in the Flashlight Gallery during the month of October with an opening reception on October 5th from 5-8 pm.

I took the day off from my “day job” where we have been very busy getting ready for three new exhibitions opening the same night as mine. If I stop to think about it, I am very blessed to be surrounded by art and the pursuit of promoting it to others both at work and in my own life.

This show, “The Spaces in Between”, is a mix of paintings and drawings. The bulk  were completed in 2012 but I added paintings from past years that complement this idea. The idea being the importance of negative space and how alluring it can be. I love my objects but it is the spaces they create, the tension and drama that exists between them that catches my attention.

I am hoping to sell quite a few items, not only for the obvious reasons: to pay some bills, get my name out there, attract new patrons but because it allows me to move on. Sometimes that just means to make more art but now I want it to be about permission to try something new and evolve. In the meantime, please stop by and take a look. I’d love feedback on what you liked and even what you didn’t!

Thanks, Ellen.


Author: Ellen Starr Lyon

I am a Paintings Conservation Technician by day, free-spirit mother-of-two painter by night!

6 thoughts on “Installation Day!! Opening Reception on Friday, October 5th from 5-8 pm.

  1. Congratulations, Elllen. Can’t wait to see more pictures! I think you and I are in the same place right now… itching to move forward in a new direction but not knowing quite what that is yet.

  2. Very Exciting Ellen!! Wish I was closer to B-town!! I hope you had an amazing opening night!!

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