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Upcoming exhibition @ Gather in August!


I had a fantastic 2 days during the Bloomington Open Studio Tours. I had to chance to show friends and family new work and to introduce visitors to my work for the first time. Those two days passed incredibly quickly. I sold several works including all of my marble paintings (large and small), a three piece set of my smoke bush studies and a demo piece I was working on all day Saturday. I heard from many who were unable to make it and those who want to continue to follow my work. Well,…..

Good News!

I will be exhibiting new work at Gather during the month of August. Gather Take a Look! is an incredibly adorable space filled with wonderful product created by local artists; it is located in Fountain Square Mall in downtown Bloomington. This show combines two of my passions: painting and gardening. It will be a body of work comprised completely of plant portraits. My intent is to create a body of work depicting specific aspects of plants that I adore rather than just pretty paintings of pretty things. I am attracted to the abstractness of repeating patterns, depth, color, texture, and translucence. All things that abound in nature. So please look beyond what plant you see to the elements which set it apart, just as you would with a portrait of a human face. Below are a few images of works in progress and a shot of me beginning Japanese Painted Fern.

These and others will (finger-crossed) be finished and hanging for the Opening Reception on Friday, August 7th.



Author: Ellen Starr Lyon

I am a Paintings Conservation Technician by day, free-spirit mother-of-two painter by night!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming exhibition @ Gather in August!

  1. Reblogged this on IMFINITE POSSIBLIES and commented:
    My talented and lovely wife, Ellen Starr Lyon, has yet another exciting opportunity to show off her mad paintin’ skilz, this time at a gallery show in August! She is furiously slinging oil paints in preparation…

  2. Your work is gorgeous, Ellen. I hope to own one someday!

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